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Cameron White edited some of his footage into this collection of all the great times and awesome people from 2013.

Featuring Kyle Weiss, Bryan Lautaco, Bubba Manville, Justin Dodson, Dalton Minyard, Chase Norman, Shawn Cremer, Tyler Snedeker, Eric Valladares, Kolby Harris, Richie Dahland, Devante Walker, and Henry Aguinaldo.

A collection of skatepark footage captured since the VX got repaired.

Skaters (In order of appearance): Steven Crocker, Chris Vaneekelen, Shawn Cremer, Mark Goddard, Dalton Minyard, Shakir Bullock, Kevin Love, and Chase Norman.

Filmed and Edited by Cameron White
Additional Filming by Steven Crocker

Back in the day (read: 2005-2007ish) we were going to make a full length titled Thank You For Filming Me but never did. We ended up using a lot of the footage in random montages and whatnot on our OG website,

Here’s an edit of some used and unused footage of the homie Brandon Cherry edited by Cameron White into a little part.

Enjoy. There’s more VII-intage stuff to come while we’re prepping for something e l s e.