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Check out this montage of what’s been done so far with the new Mekos park!

This video by Variant Limited and features Alex Craddock, Grant Amspacher, Gabe Colls, Tremond Allen, Korey Gandy, Chris Vaneekelen, Erik Wesson, Justin Hobbs, Michael Neblett, Marvin Robinson, Nathan George, and Dusty Wyatt.

The blueprints for the upcoming Mekos Skate Park layout look dope.

Check out the Mekos and Variant Skateshop Facebook pages for more updates and stuff.

A collection of skatepark footage captured since the VX got repaired.

Skaters (In order of appearance): Steven Crocker, Chris Vaneekelen, Shawn Cremer, Mark Goddard, Dalton Minyard, Shakir Bullock, Kevin Love, and Chase Norman.

Filmed and Edited by Cameron White
Additional Filming by Steven Crocker