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// Driftwood : A Film By Myles McIntyre & Grant Amspacher

Featuring Josh Mohrbach, Myles McIntyre, Ed Berry, Ryan Jones, Grant Amspacher, Josh Leroy, David Burleson, Ryan Mickelson, and Courtland Stocker.

"A local skate video out of Newport News VA"

Premiering at TC Grill in Hampton, VA
2 Centre way, Hampton VA, 23666 (Next to AMC 24.)

Saturday August 30th from 7-9pm

Check the Facebook event page here:

Ben Larsen just dropped this summer montage! It’s sick.

Features Reese Salken, Connor Robinson, Justin Damer, Hunter Lantz, CodyJean Bamburg, Ryan Mickelson, Gavin Keller, Matt Horne, and Philip Powell.

…aaaannnnnddddd the YouTube video description also states: “Full street part from Kyle Falzone coming soon!

That’s something to be excited for.