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Remember when local videos came out only on VHS?

2002 remembers.

A digitized version of the VHS release of Justin White's Less Than Luxury is now available to watch on YouTube in it’s entirety complete with chapter selection in the video description. The video features Kevin Holroyd, Chris Pilla, Ben Ross, Kevin Nelson, Justin Sasser, Lloyd Vines, Tommy Zalusky, Mike Beiter, Neil Wood, Glenn Newland, and more.

Me and my homies used to watch this video all the time to get hyped to skate. If you haven’t seen the video and are from Virginia Beach or the surrounding area, give it a watch to see how local skateboarding was over a decade ago before we had proper skateparks all over the place… as scary as that may sound.

Dumpster Juice (Full Video) // VA Fleezers

"The Virginia Fleezers Proudly Present Their First Full-Length Film, Dumpster Juice Starring: Littell Harris, John Chaplin, Kyle Berard, Pat Burke, Shawn Owens, Lloyd Vines, Stephen Mullen, P Coots, Alex Brownley, Tyler Snedeker, Julian Etheridge and many More”

Edited by: YT
FIlmed by: Justin White and more
Artwork by: Bryan Woodland