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Ben Larsen just dropped this summer montage! It’s sick.

Features Reese Salken, Connor Robinson, Justin Damer, Hunter Lantz, CodyJean Bamburg, Ryan Mickelson, Gavin Keller, Matt Horne, and Philip Powell.

…aaaannnnnddddd the YouTube video description also states: “Full street part from Kyle Falzone coming soon!

That’s something to be excited for.

Ben Larsen just put out this montage he filmed and edited featuring Hunter Lantz, Reese Salken, Kyle Falzone, Brandon Eastep, Matt Horne, Nathan George, Brad Bostic, David Burleson, and Lane Maloney.

Most importantly, Ben made note that he does not own the song used in the video.


Some new street shit from Grant Forbes with Garrett Hyatt, Reese Salken, Alex Bunting, Justin Galbreath, Tyler Mccoy, Mookie Rascoe, Kevin Love, Landen Hill, Tay Mullen, Kyle Falzone, Cody-Jean Bamburg and Taylor Moore.

Subscribe to Grant’s YouTube page if you know what’s good for ya! 

Mekos Montage

Filmed and edited by: Ben Larsen

Featuring: Chase Norman, Chris Vaneekelen, Kevin Love, Scott Stinson, Hunter Lantz, Reese Salken, Grant Amspatcher, Nathan George, Philip Powell, Kyle Falzone, Chad Schley, Roger Green, and two other people Ben didn’t know the names of.