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I went on a few trips to DC/Baltimore with Austin O’Brien last year, then Austin tore his ACL and meniscus a month or so later… so he’s been lacking when it comes to stacking footy. Here’s a little part I threw together with that DC/Baltimore footage and some local clips of him I had. These clips were shot during March and April of 2012.

Austin is almost completely healed up so expect more from him soon!

Filmed and edited by Charley Feher.

Throwaway clips, warm ups, and other random footage from Martch 10th and 11th, 2012 shot in Washington, DC. 

Featuring Austin O’Brein, Londen Lassiter, Ryan Padon, Chris Vaneekelen, Brandon Eastep, Lane Maloney, and Ben Larsen.

Shot and edited by Charley Feher.

Really Awkward Unedited Edit of The Castles in the Snow Montage set to KC & Jojo’s ‘All My Life’

When I showed everyone in the montage the tricks and order I was going to use them in the video, I wanted to have a song with it— but with there being 5+ minutes of footage, KC & Jojo’s ‘All My Life’ fit and hilariously worked.