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I have a bunch of random unreleased footage on my external hard drive. I’m going to purge it by making random montages and stuff and posting it.

Here’s a montage I quickly put together with some random park footage from early 2012.

This edit features Jarrel Smith, Chris Vaneekelen, Neilson Thornton, Chad Schley & more skateboarding at Woodstock Plaza in VB, Fusion in Greenville NC, and Northside in Norfolk with weird overlays and a blueish tint.

Mekos Montage

Filmed and edited by: Ben Larsen

Featuring: Chase Norman, Chris Vaneekelen, Kevin Love, Scott Stinson, Hunter Lantz, Reese Salken, Grant Amspatcher, Nathan George, Philip Powell, Kyle Falzone, Chad Schley, Roger Green, and two other people Ben didn’t know the names of.