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Check out this Bayside montage by Matt Wilson!

It features skateboarding by Daniel Dudley, Garrett Hyatt, Daniel W Hargrave, M. Wizzy, Garrett Smith, Jake Leeson, Scot Talbert, Justin Galbreath, Chris Cardone, Josh Knaggs, Trey Brown, Brad Pinkley, Steven Enright, Aj Melendez, Carlos Luna & more with additional filming by KEbling & J Apples.

A collection of skatepark footage captured since the VX got repaired.

Skaters (In order of appearance): Steven Crocker, Chris Vaneekelen, Shawn Cremer, Mark Goddard, Dalton Minyard, Shakir Bullock, Kevin Love, and Chase Norman.

Filmed and Edited by Cameron White
Additional Filming by Steven Crocker